Grab your boots and your leather pants, its FALL !
This year has been one for the books. But as the REAL Fashion Girls know, fashion NEVER stops. This season I've seen many neutral tones and of course sooo much black. Black is the new Black basically. I feel like black is so classy and it can honestly never go out of style. This season it is seen all across in leather pants, biker jackets and loungewear. A few of my favorite fashion girls have really been rocking the monochromatic looks featuring earthy brown tones. I love that chestnut brown color, especially on deeper skin tones.
The main texture this season is leather. Interestingly, I have seen new prints of the traditional leather texture. The most popular print has been the snake and crocodile/alligator printed leather. The crocodile aspect, adds much more dimension to the regular leather texture. I have been loving this print on especially, on boots.
The shoes of the season are definitely boots, boots, boots! Ladies put your open-toe heels away because it's time to pull out the boots. The two staple types of boots are the chunky combat boots and thigh-high / knee-high heeled boot. The combat boot gives a more casual vibe and is perfect for everyday errands and work. The heeled boot is more of a statement piece. Perfect for an evening out with your loved ones. I especially LOVE the crocodile print on boots ! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
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